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Vintage Bolles Photographs Need Identification

 The Bolles Family Association has received a donation of vintage photographs. We would like your help in identifying the individuals. It is believed that most of the photographs are of persons that lived in or near the state of Connecticut. Some may have been related to Isaiah Bolles #99 (1754-1847) of New London, Connecticut. To provide input please identify the photo by its cell number (i.e. A-1 is Column A, Row 1) and email the information to our Genealogist Robert E. Bolles at: .

Thank you.

Notes: 1. The # refers to the "Bolles Number" assigned by George E. Williams in his "A GENEALOGY of the Descendants of JOSEPH BOLLES of
               Wells, Maine" Volumes 1 (1970) and 2 (1989).

            2. "Not verified??" indicates not yet reasonably certain by Bob Bolles - BFA Genealogist and/or Jerry Bolles - Site Webmaster.

            3. Title in brackets [Example] is some of the original notations hand written on the photograph.

           4. (1820CT-1875RI) indicates the individual was born in Connecticut in 1820 and died in Rhode Island in 1875.
                xxxx indicates year unknown, ?? state unknown.

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Column   A                            B                             C                           D                           E                          F                             G                          H                          

Isaiah Bolles #99 (1754CT-1847NJ) [J Bolles]

Row 1^

Probably either Elizabeth Tillotson Bolles (1755CT-1843CT) wife of Isaiah #99 or Elizabeth Bolles William (1784CT-1867NJ) #286 daughter of Isaiah #99.

Not Verified?? [Aunt Betsey]

Abby Elizabeth Williams Crane

Grand Daughter of Isaiah Bolles #99. Dau. of #286 [E. Crane]

Abby Elizabeth Williams Crane

Grand Daughter of Isaiah Bolles #99. Dau. of #286 [19 E. Crane]

Colonel Silas Stedman (1785MA-Aft1860WI) married to Elizabeth Bolles #293 Dau. of Nathan Bolles #100 Bro. of Isaiah #99.

[Brother Silas Stedman]

Stephan Champlin (1790RI-1879NY) Commodore US Navy

[Com Champlin USN]

Elizabeth Sherman Baldwin (1761CT-1850CT) Married 1. Silas Baldwin & 2. Sturges Burr

Not Verified?? [Elizabeth Baldwin]

Lewis A. Edwards (1797CT-1844??) Married Julie Ann Bolles #673

[Lewis A. Edwards]

Julie Ann Bolles Edwards #673 (1801CT-1854CT) [Sister Julie A Edwards]

Row 2^

Mary Frances Bolles (1811NJ-1849NY) #687

Married to cousin James Aaron #678 [M Frances Bolles]

James Aaron Bolles #678 (1810CT-xxxx??)

Married to cousin Mary Frances Bolles #687.

Robert G. Coit-Son of Nancy Maria Bolles #674 (1803CT-xxxx??) And William W. Coit (1798CT-xxxx??)

[Robert G. Coit]

Lizzie Miller Coit (1864CT-xxxx??)

Dau. of Robert G. Coit & Harriet C. Unknown [Lizzie Miller Coit]

Linus B. B. Coit (1856CT-xxxx??)

[Linus Coits]

[Martha P. D??s????]

[Mrs Bowin]

[Mrs Sherman The First]

Row 3^

Rev Henry P. Skinner

Married Phebe B. Bolles #125 (1799NY?-xxxx??) [Rev SP Skinner]

[Sir Henry J. Bolles]

Jessie Bolles (1749CT-1836CT) #97

Bro. to Isaiah #99 [Uncle Jessie Bolles]

[Unknown Girl 1]

[Unknown Girl 2]

[Unknown Woman]

[01 Boy]

Eliakin L. Bolles #686 (1810NJ-xxxx??) Son of Ephriam Bolles #284 [Elia???]

Row 4^

[05 Boy]

[D. J. Lawson]


[09 Woman]

[10 Woman]

[11 Man]

[12 Girl]

[13 Woman]

Row 5^

Olive E. Willes (1845CT-xxxx??)

Not verfied?? [Olive E. Willep] ?? Maybe Willes??

[15 Man]

Mary Lydia Bolles Branch #813 (1840CT-1922CT)

Dau. of Mary Hempsted Bolles #336(1811??-1859CT) [Mrs Branch Madison Ohio]

Mary Lydia Bolles Branch #813

[Mrs Branch]

John Locke Branch (1837OH-1908CT) Not Verified ??

Married Mary Lydia Bolles #813 [J Branch]


[P. Branch - Madison Ohio]

John Jacob Cleveland (1823CT-xxxx??) Son of Governor of Connecticut Chauncey Fitch Cleveland [Judge Cleveland, son of Governor](1799CT-1887CT)

Row 6^

Dr William Palmer Bolles (1845CT-1916CA) #808. Gave to the Connecticut College for Women it's first gift of books. He was interested in photography.

Not verfied?? [W. P. Bolles]

Dr William Palmer Bolles (1845CT-1916CA) #808.

Not verfied?? [W. Bolles]

William Briggs Bolles (1797MA-Aft1853??) #298

Not verified ?? [W. B. Bolles]

Nathan Howard Bolles (1793MA-xxxx??) #296

Married Cousin Sarah K. Bolles #671 [NH Bolles]

Sarah K. Bolles (1797CT-xxxx??) #671

Married cousin Nathan H. Bolles #296 [Sarah K Bolles]

Sarah K. Bolles #671

[Mrs Nichols Cousin Sally]

[L. J. Bolles]

Elizabeth Perian Bolles Holbrook (1849NJ-xxxxCAN) #1377

Not verified ?? [Bessie Bolles Holbrook]

Row 7^

[Mr Attwater]

[Mrs Attwater]

Rev. Edwin Courtlandt Bolles (1836CT-1920MA)

[Mr E. C. Bolles]

[31 Woman]

[Nathan J. Hortin]

[Leslie Hortin]

[34 Man}

[35 Man]

Row 8^

[36 Woman]

[37 Man]

[38 Woman]

[39 Man]