Joseph Garrison Bolles

                                        April 30, 1914 – September 18, 2009


                            From the service by his nephew, Rev. Larry Adkisson



BOLLES – Joseph Garrison, 95

Joseph Garrison Bolles was born on April 30, 1914 to Frederick and Edith (Garrison) Bolles in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  Joseph died on September 18, 2009 at Epworth Villa Nursing Home in Oklahoma City. He was 95 years old.

After the graveside service at 11:00 Monday, September 21, at Wetumka OK Cemetery, Joe will rest beside his beloved wife, Margaret.

Joseph’s family moved around the Oklahoma, Arkansas area during his younger years, and he completed school in McCloud.  Joseph served with the Conservation Construction Corp, and completed a degree in music from Oklahoma City University.  He worked around the area teaching music and guitar, performing with various bands and singers.  During World War II he served as a civilian at air bases in Alaska and Hawaii.  While at those posts, he continued his music by playing with bands on post and in the area.

Joe married Margaret Haubold on June 16, 1957, at the First Baptist Church in Tulsa.  The two continued their pursuits in the genealogy of both families.

Joseph continued his education most of his life, and shortly after the war became an Aeronautical Engineer for North American Rockwell and Boeing.  He was proud of his work in that area, and the parts he played in the space program, helping in the design of various parts in the spacecrafts.  During most, if not all, of that time, he continued teaching, mostly private lessons on the guitar. 

He studied under internationally known guitarists, and played for various



musicals and as guitar accompanist in various plays and programs in the Tulsa area.  Up into his later years, after moving to Edmond, he continued his music by recording tracts of him playing various parts of songs until he was the entire ensemble.

One avocation Joe and Margaret shared was their interest in genealogy. In 1978 Joe was one of the three Founders (along with James Bolles and George Williams) and a Charter Member of the Bolles Family Association.  Joe was elected the first President, and re-elected four times, serving a total of five years as President.  From the beginning, Joe took responsibility for the Bolles Family Association Newsletter, which he ended up publishing for sixteen years, with Margaret's help. The Newsletter was the glue that bound the organization together.  It can be safely said that Bolles Family Association would not have succeeded without Joe.  

After relinquishing the Editor’s duties Joe served several years as Genealogist during which time he accumulated four notebooks of family updates, which have now been incorporated into the Bolles Genealogy. 

Joe was honored with a Life Membership in the Bolles Family Association in 1994.   Joseph and Margaret hosted the 12th annual BFA national reunion in 1989 in Oklahoma City.  They never missed a reunion for twenty years, and participated in the 1984 Bolles’ Tour to England.  Joe was a fountain of information.  His memory was amazing.  He could tell all the Bolles’ history!

Survivors include nephews Ronald Adkisson and Larry Adkisson, and nieces Barbara McMahan and Lynda Stephenson, and their families.