About the Hosts………

The 28th Bolles Reunion is hosted by Wendy & Jesse Giammarino of Tolland, Ct., & Speaker Cathy Wilkinson Zahn of Pennington, New Jersey and is based primarily upon vital statistic documents, whaling information, and land records.

Wendy descends from John Bolles, #25 to Frances Bolles Benham, #1148 on her father’s side of the family and has researched that particular line for the past three years. Jesse & Wendy have two children and two grandchildren. Wendy has worked for the State Department of Correction, Unified School District #1 for ten years and Jesse has been a Machinist/Toolmaker for twenty eight years.

Wendy’s cousin Cathy also shares an interest in the Bolles line with her on her mother’s side of the family--descending from Enoch, #32 & Elizabeth, #36. Cathy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, has taught for twenty three years in the elementary school system, and has done genealogical research for over twelve years. She is planning on receiving her certification in that field upon retirement. She is presently Education & Training 2nd Vice President of the Central Jersey Genealogical Club and is Genealogist & Membership Registrar of the New Jersey Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She has also written children’s books on "How to Research" your family history and spoken at several national genealogical conferences. She will be attending as our guest speaker.

About Recognition………

Special thanks should be given to Captain Herbert Woodville Bolles of Australia for his interest and support in providing some of the material from his book which is the basis of this reunion. Herbert, Alastair, & Peter Bolles (all brothers) have direct ties to the Mattapoisett line through their great grandfather Prince Bolles as do their cousins Joyce Woodville Woodward Fleming & Jean Margaret Woodward. Alice Bolles Ordway & Jessie Peacock who were also family members of this line, lived in Mattapoisett, and were the hosts of the 1984 reunion in this area. Jean and Joyce were special guests at that reunion. The format for this reunion will be similar in detail to the first reunion in Mattapoisett as reported in the family newsletter.

An honorable mention should be given to Mrs. Barbara Bolles as none of this would have been possible without her consideration and advice as well as to Jesse Giammarino for his photography support, assistance, and interest. Betty Roberts, the Curator of the Mattapoisett Historical Society, was also responsible for providing the documents that support the information on this family.

Researching ones family can be a daunting task, but if we are to preserve history for the ones we love its necessary to remember the ones that came before us. As speaker for the reunion Cathy Wilkinson Zahn is to be appreciated for the spirit and dedication with which she con-tributes her knowledge so that others may know the satisfaction of doing their own research.

About Sunday’s itinerary for the bus tour……...

New Bedford Whaling Museum--figurehead of the whaling ship "Bart Gosnold"….Captain John Bolles of New London, Master); Seamen’s Bethel of Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford in recognition of seamen; Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum which holds various Bolles inventions; & area sites referring to the "Tribe of Twelve" descending from Samuel Bolles, Jr.--(Lois, Ellis, Joshua, Prince, Sylvia, Joseph, Joanna, Eunice, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Solomon)

If you are a Bolles descendant, please come and share your heritage with us.

******Explore more before/after the reunion: New London, CT or Plymouth, MA******