In Memoriam


Herbert Woodville Bolles  - #2146

Sydney, Australia







Herbert Woodville Bolles #2146, passed away November 8, 2008, in Sydney, Australia, at the age of 85.  His parents were Joseph Thomas Herbert and Helen Macdonald Bolles.  Herb was a descendant through the ‘Samuel’ line, specifically from American descendents of Mattapoisett MA’s Joseph Woodville Bolles and Prince Bolles.  Before retirement Herbert completed 21 years’ service as a Sydney Harbour Pilot and he had many happy retirement years.


Survivors are wife Maureen; children Carin, Janine, Scott and Craig; several grandchildren; brothers Alastair Stewart Bolles and Peter Macdonald Bolles (Peter died December 22, 2008).



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Note:  Herb and Maureen traveled from Australia to attend a couple Bolles Reunions.  Herb authored “Massacre, Murder and Mayhems”, the story of his Bolles ancestors.  A previous Bolles Newsletter February 1997, Vol. 20 No. 1, featured Herbert’s life story.


Barbara and Randall Bolles pay special tribute to Herb for his lively correspondence and assistance through the years, as well as his guidance and support for the Mattapoisett 2005 Reunion.