In  Memoriam



Margaret Haubold Bolles

November 5, 1912 March 6, 2004

A Note from Joseph Bolles (#2582) …..

Margaret had a high degree of interest in family genealogy.  This is why she was such an outstanding partner to me during the 16 years we were the Editors for the Bolles Family Newsletter.  Many of the articles we published were a product of her research and writing talent.

 Margaret always enjoyed coming to the Bolles Family reunions.  Then after getting back to Tulsa she would visit with them over the telephone.  They were like family members for her.

 Another talent that Margaret had is one that the Bolles Family never got to know about.  Margaret Loved Music, and had been the church pianist in her hometown when she was younger.  Arthritis robbed her of this ability, but she always enjoyed the music and singing at the Bolles reunions.

 Margaret and I had known each other since childhood as our Mothers were best friends when they both lived in Kansas , and my Grandmother was their teacher in school. We were married 47 years!                 …JGB 

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 Memories from Barbara & Randall Bolles…..  

You Would Have Thought she was Bolles-Born!

Margaret was not born a Bolles, however, as the wife of Joseph Bolles of Tulsa , she worked harder than anyone we ever knew to continuously and tirelessly promote and support The Bolles Family Association.  She was at Joe’s side during the formation of the organization and his five years as the first President.  Margaret was also his partner in publishing the Newsletter for the first sixteen years.  It was a common occurrence in the early days to receive a telephone call from Joe and Margaret promoting the Association.  In earlier times, they did a lot of traveling, researching, and meeting people. Their memories were excellent … and full of wonderful Bolles information.  

Joseph and Margaret hosted the 12th annual BFA national reunion in 1989 in Oklahoma City .  

                                …Submitted by Barbara Bolles, Kansas City