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Bolles listings in the USA:


Note: "Bolles" is the 12,539th most popular surname in the United States. There are presently about 3000 residing in the USA. The frequency is 0.001%, the percentile is 73.758. In lay terms it is a fairly rare surname, occurring only once in a group of approximately 100,000 persons. This listing does not imply that any of these spellings are related family members, but rather attempts to demonstrate possible misspellings by census takers or other clerks and recorders interpretation of a name that they verbally heard.

1. Bales ...2. Baus ...3. Bawles ...4. Boal ...5. Boales
6. Boas ....7. Boase .8. Boaz .......9. Boel ...10. Boeles

11. Bohles 12. Boiles 13. Bolds 14. Bole.. 15. Boles
16. Bolla... 17. Bolles 18. Bolle ..19. Bollo 20. Bolls

21 Bols 22. Booles 23. Booll 24. Boueels 25. Bouhl . 26. Boules
27. Bouls ..28. Bow. 29. Bowels ..30. Bowies 31. Bowle

32. Bowlds 33. Bowles .......34. Bowls ... 35. Bowlus 36. Bows
37. Boyl .....38. Boyle(s)(n) 39. Boyll ......40. Boze

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