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2. Material presented here is NOT to be used for resale or any other commercial purpose.

3. Private use by individuals for genealogical pursuits is encouraged.

4. If any living individual does not want his/her genealogical information listed here please contact via e-mail

5. Any person that does not have a known death date, but has a known birth date that would make them less than 75 years old at the present, is considered "living". This results in some information being suppressed for privacy considerations. Please feel free to request suppressed information via e-mail at

6. No information is obtained from your computer in the form of "Cookies" or by any other methods.

Accuracy of Genealogical Material Disclaimer Statement

1. This material has been collected from many diverse sources. Detailed investigation has NOT been performed on all of it.

2. NO presumption of accuracy should be made by any user of this material. Make your own verification via reliable source documents.

3. It was assembled with the philosophy that it is better to make information available that has an 80% confidence factor than not. While this contradicts the positions of many genealogical "purists", they are welcome to their opinions.

4. See additional material on "Genealogical Accuracy".

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