NOTICE: The Bolles Family Association has not had a national reunion since 2011. We hope to have one within the next two years. 09 March 2017.


                                   2011 BOLLES FAMILY REUNION – REGISTRATION

                                                      August 12-14, 2011 – Harrisburg, PA


Name: ____________________________________________________ Genealogy # ________________

Street Address: __________________________________________ Phone: _______________________

City: ____________________________ State: ______ZIP:_________ Cell Phone:___________________

Number of Persons Attending: __________ Email:___________________________________________

Names of Persons Attending (Age if under 12): _____________________________________________






Hotel: The Best Western Harrisburg Airport Inn and Suites, 814 Eisenhower Boulevard, Middleton, PA, a few miles west of Harrisburg International Airport (HIA). The Best Western shuttle will get you to the hotel. The phone number is 717-939-1600. The cost is $85.99 plus tax. You need to register under "Nationwide Family Association". Room reservations must be received by 7/13/2011; individual cancellations must be prior to 4 PM three days (72 hours) prior to the arrival date.

Airport: HIA has a full service of airlines.

Dates and Costs:

Friday: Board Meeting 3:00pm – 5:00pm, dinner on own, annual meeting and socializing 7:00pm - until

Saturday tour: 7:30am – 9:00pm; stops are Gettysburg National Park (film, cyclorama, museum and battlefield tour), box lunch, Lancaster County Mennonite Center (films and tour), Plain and Fancy restaurant, Hershey’s Chocolate World. The cost is: adult - $94.60, child 4-12 - $76.10.

Sunday tour: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm; center city Philadelphia, Independence National Historic Park (Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, etc.), lunch on your own (how about a Philly cheese steak), Valley Forge National Historic Park, dinner (pay as you go). The cost is for transportation: adult $53.03, children $53.03.

The total cost for the Saturday and Sunday tours is adult - $147.63, child 4-12 $129.13.

Payment for the Reunion is by check made out to the Bolles Family Association.

Please mail this registration form and payment to Walter Bolles, 291 Camp Strauss Road, Bethel, PA 19507. Please respond with the completed registration form and check at least 30 days before the Reunion so that we can finalize the transportation requirements based on the response.






The Bolles Family Association

33rd Reunion - August 12-14, 2011 - Harrisburg, PA





The plans are made for this our 33rd Reunion. We will meet in the southeast part of Pennsylvania where history dates back to beyond the Revolutionary War. We will be seeing historic areas, farm settings and modern day housing and industry all coexisting side by side in a beautiful area of Pennsylvania. The area of our reunion tours run from five city blocks west of the Delaware River to Gettysburg west of the Susquehanna River and just south of the first Appalachian Mountain.

We will be staying at the Best Western Harrisburg airport Inn and Suites, 815 Eisenhower Boulevard, Middletown, PA. The phone number is 717-939-1600. The cost is $85.99 plus tax, tell them that the organization to register under is Nationwide Family Association. The cutoff date for reservations is 7/13/2011. Check-in time is 4:00 PM with check-out time being 12:00 noon. The hotel offers an complimentary continental breakfast.

  1. Friday - The reunion will start with the Board Meeting from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM. Dinner will be on your own, we can use the shuttle from the hotel for a few local restaurants or use the hotel’s restaurant. At 7:00 PM we will have the annual meeting followed by an informal get together.

  2. Saturday - As there are many things to see we will leave the hotel early Saturday morning at 7:30 AM for Gettysburg National Military Park. Arriving about 8:30 AM we will visit the visitor center to see the film, cyclorama and museum. Our final part of the visit will be a guided tour of the battlefield. Then a light box lunch while on to the Lancaster County Mennonite Center. There we will view two audio/visual stories of Amish and Mennonite history. Leaving the Mennonite Center we will take a 2 hour tour of local farms, churches ,markets, covered bridges, etc. showing the lives of the local people.

    The reason for the light box lunch is because after the tour our next stop about 5:30 PM will be the Plain and Fancy restaurant where we will have a family style, all you can eat, meal featuring farm-to-table Amish cuisine. By then we will be getting tired but one last stop will take us to Hershey’s Chocolate World where you will learn how chocolate is made and maybe buy some of the sweets to take home.


  3. Sunday - We have another early start of 8:00 AM for center city Philadelphia, Independence National Historic Park. It is about a two hour trip. There are many historic buildings and sites to see in this Park. Independence Hall requires a free timed ticket to enter so that will be our first priority. After that we can split into smaller groups and visit the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall and other attractions that may have a more personal interest. All three of these require security screening. Lunch will be on your own with several local restaurants offering Philly cheese steaks and other lunch type sandwiches. It is suggested by AAA that a minimum time of 5 hours be utilized here, but we will check into it further.

    Other historic places to see at the Park are: Carpenter Hall, Declaration House, Bishop White House, American Philosophical society, Franklin Court, Free Quaker Meeting House, Todd House, Betsy Ross House ($3.00), Christ Church (donation) and National Constitution Center ($12.00). Note that the last three have a fee or donation.

    On our return from Philadelphia we will stop at Valley Forge National Historic Park. The visitor center will be open until 6:00 PM. Then we make a stop for supper at a Hoss’s restaurant where you can choose soup, salad and dessert bars or meat and/or fish entry and soup, salad and dessert bars. Then it is back to the hotel.


  5. As you can tell by this busy itinerary there is much to see. If you wish to come early and/or stay late we will be glad to help you find other things to see and do. There are literally hundreds of things to do within 3 hours of driving from Harrisburg, other Revolutionary era sites, Civil War Battlefields in Virginia, NYC, Baltimore, and Washington, DC.

  6. Hershey Park will be in full swing in August. Come early or stay after the Reunion if you wish to visit Hershey Park. As we stated earlier we can obtain discount tickets through Rose’s church. There is a deadline for paying for these tickets and they are "valid any public day during the regular 2011 season". We must have the ticket money by April 23, 2011. If you are interested you must send us the money made out to Rosanne Bolles, 291 Camp Strauss Road, Bethel, PA 19507 by April 23, 2011. The cost is as follows: Regular (ages 9 -54) – normal cost of $53.95 (discount cost $29.50); Junior (ages 3 -8) and Senior (ages 55 -69) – normal cost of $32.95 (discount cost $25.00); and Senior Plus – normal cost of $21.95 (discount cost $20.50). Please call us at 717-865-5006 or email us at to verify that we have received your check. We will receive the tickets by May 26, 2011, and will have them available at the Reunion or earlier if you wish to come to PA before the Reunion.

Payment for the Reunion must be by check made out to the Bolles Family Association. Once you decide you are attending the Reunion we would appreciate an email so we can begin final transportation details. The email is .

We hope you decide to visit in PA at the Bolles Family reunion.

Walt & Rose Bolles

March 30, 2011




BOLLES Family Reunion 2010


2010 Seattle Reunion Postponed …but 2011 is on.


After much discussion, the Board of Directors has decided to postpone the Bolles Family Reunion for first time in its history.  This conclusion was based on factors of the current economy, limited response in projecting attendance and the high cost to the Association for basic meeting expenses to name a few. The Board wishes to thank Connie Wellnitz for her time and efforts in scouting, and submitting plans for hosting this year. Because of her help, plans to host a reunion in the Northwest section of the country will be reconsidered in the near future. 

All is not lost, for the year 2011, mark your calendars and set your sights for southeast Pennsylvania! This will be the first time BFA will host a reunion in the cradle of our country and our hosts, Walter and Roseanne Bolles are ready. If you have a favorite, know of Bolles or allied families locations or just have a suggestion, please let us know. Much history can be found in that area and further details will be released before the end of this year.




BOLLES Family Reunion 2009


2009 Reunion was held on Long Island, New York on October 2, 3 &4th at the Holiday Inn Express in Hauppauge, 2050 Express Drive South.

Colleen DeLise was our hostess. Highlights include visiting Sagamore Hill, the home of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, in Oyster Bay.

Also proposed is a visit to the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport.



Friday evening dining is on your own. There are several restaurants in the area and literature re them will be available when you register for the reunion and pick up your name tag. Later that evening, we will get together in one of the meeting rooms to visit and have light refreshments.

Saturday should be an interesting day. We will board our bus at 9 a.m. and travel to Sagamore Hill, the home of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, in Oyster Bay. Arrangements have been made for a guided tour at 10 a.m. The tour is about an hour, so there will be time to look in the gift shop before the bus leaves at 11:30.

From Sagamore Hill, we will travel to the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport. This museum was the home of William K. Vanderbilt II. You may have seen it. In 1988, the estate, known as Eagle’s Nest, served as a fictitious drug lord’s mansion for the filming of Crocodile Dundee II.

Before our guided tour we will enjoy box lunches in their picnic area. At approximately 3 p.m. we will head back to our hotel.

That evening we will have dinner at LaStrada’s, a local restaurant well known for good cuisine and good service. Dinner will be at 6:30 and shuttle service will be provided from the hotel for those who wish it.

Sunday morning at 9:30 we will have our group photo followed by the general business meeting and adjournment until next year.

If you have any questions, please call  Colleen DeLise at 631-656-6462  or or e-mail:



BOLLES Family Reunion 2008

The 31st Annual Reunion was held Aug. 8, 9, & 10, 2008, in Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN at the Holiday Inn near the Mall of America.




Discussions during the 30th Bolles Family Association annual meeting board of directors' session indicated that the following sites are possibilities for future meetings:

2009 Long Island, New York

2010 Pennsylvania





BOLLES Family Reunion 2007 

The 30th Annual Reunion was held Sept. 28, 29, & 30, 2007, in Wells, Maine, the home of our immigrant ancestor Joseph Bolles (1608 - 1678) at the Hampton Inn, Wells-Ogunquit, Maine. 900 Post Road, Wells, ME.





BOLLES Family Reunion 2006 

The 29th Annual Reunion was held in Branson, Missouri on 06, 07 & 08 October 2006.

2006 Annual Meeting Group Photo





  2005 - The 28th Annual Reunion was held in the New Bedford / Mattapoisett Area, Massachusetts on 14,15 & 16 October 2005.   


2005 Annual Meeting Group Photo

2005 Annual Meeting Photos (Over 200 photos)   

New London Visit on Monday Photo Collage



2004 - The 27th Annual Reunion was held at Colorado Springs, Colorado  6-8 August 2004.


2004 Annual Meeting Photos

2004 Annual Meeting Group Photo


2003 - The 26th Annual Reunion was held at Cleveland, Ohio  25-27 July 2003.  

2003 Annual Meeting Photos

2003 Annual Meeting Group Photo

25th Anniversary - YEAR 2002 REUNION

2002 - 18, 19 & 20 October, 2002 Groton, Connecticut



The 2002 Bolles Family Association Reunion was held  at Gorton (New London), Connecticut on October 18, 19 & 20, 2002. It was hosted by Association Founder Jim Bolles.

2002 Annual Meeting Group Photo

Check HERE for further pictures and information. Recommended for high speed broadband connections as files/pictures are quite large.



2001 - 29 June - 01 July 2001 Tucson, Arizona

Reunion 2001 Group Photo

(Click on photo for larger view)

24th Annual Reunion Story  June 30, 2001


2000 - 21,22 & 23 July 2000 Kansas City, MO

Reunion 2000 Group Photo

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